Slipstream Sports 2018 Team Campaign

When we shared the news of our uncertain future, #GreenArgyle fans responded with an incredible show of support. Inspired by your feedback, we are in the process of crowdsourcing a fundraiser that we hope will allow us to continue our cycling team for the 2018 season. While we get all our ducks in a row, please register your interest in officially joining the Slipstream Sports family for the upcoming season.  

A tiered structure will offer rewards to all individuals and businesses that contribute a minimum donation of $25*

*Previously listed as $100 but adjusted due to fan feedback
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Thank you very much, {{answer_L0GxwHcCySj3}}. We'll email you when our crowdfunding campaign is live.
Your contribution will make a huge difference in the survival of Slipstream Sports. We are so grateful for your support.
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